Thoughts of a Graduate student

22 Thoughts of a Graduate student

  1. Remember when “optional reading” in undergrad meant “yah I am not reading that?”
  2. How much of this reading do I ACTUALLY have to do to understand what is going on? (Bean, 2019)
  3. If I reflect on one more experience, I am going to lose it.
  4. Have I gotten smarter since undergrad or am I just more confused and older, so I am more “experienced”?
  5. My undergraduate self would be concerned for my graduate self’s lack of a social life.
  6. Is this common knowledge or do I need to cite this? (Fischer, 2019)
  7. *Studies the benefits of sleep, exercise, and relaxation* *has no time to work out, is always tired, and very stressed* (Gossfeld, 2019).
  8. When is the last time I have read so many textbooks, and enjoyed it?
  9. Can we cut the bullshit at get to the point? (Wasserman, 2019).
  10. Was I supposed to be as smart as my classmates to get into this program, because crap (SEP Class of 2020).
  11. I am sick of my family asking me, “When are you going to be done with school?”
    1. Honestly, the answer is never, and I have accepted it, why can’t they?
  12. I need more me time.
  13. What am I doing? Is this really going to get me a career? (Hansen, 2019)
  14. Doesn’t everyone have their favorite barista that knows when they need an extra shot?
  15. Speaking of shots… *tequila theme song*
  16. What is it like sleeping more than 6 hours a night?
  17. Do you think the professor would notice if took a nap between slides? (the answer is always yes)
  18. Who am I? (Elwood, 2019)
  19. What am I actually doing with my life?
  20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? HAHA! Still in school.
  21. *Having conversation with non-sport psychology person* “You should be more mindful” *blank stares*
  22. *slowly has become the graduate student in the hallway that none of the undergrads recognize*

Even with the craziness of attending graduate school, I am so grateful for the journey and the people that I have met.

Like life, it really isn’t about having it figured out and having a schedule, it is about learning to prioritize and remember your passion and why you do it.

I hope to have brought some insight into the thoughts of a graduate student and maybe a laugh or two. An extra thank you to my classmates who helped me with some of the thoughts. Check out my post next week to understand more about what we are studying and how sport psychology can help more than just athletes!

Thanks for reading!


Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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